Meet Shanon

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The world is magical through the lens of a camera. Things that seemed insignificant, can seem profound. Things you thought would be an amazing shot, once viewed on the computer, are bland and uninteresting.

You just really never know: and that is part of the joy of being a photographer. There is always magic occurring...

I have experience in both people sports and dog and equestrian sports.   Candid shots for professional use and personal portraits are something I am also really effective at.

To book an appointment me call 518 423 5353  or email me at;

I am always open to making your budget work so you can have the memories that you are hoping for.

I am more of an in the moment photographer. Not big on very staged photos. I don't think they reveal who we really are of how life exists in real-time...

hope you enjoy my "art"

if you would like me to shoot for you please contact me.



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